Respiratory & Sleep Services in Launceston

Launceston Respiratory and Sleep Centre was launched in 2014 under the directorship of Dr Collin Chia, with the aim to provide high quality patient focused care.

Dr Chia

Dr Chia is a specialist in respiratory and sleep medicine, with a special interest in lung cancer and interventional bronchoscopy as well as asthma, COPD and sleep disorders. He is a local graduate from the University of Tasmania. It is of importance to Dr Chia is attending international conferences to benefit you with the newest and most diverse therapies.

Dr Gregory Keir

Dr Keir is a visiting respiratory specialist with expertise in interstitial lung diseases and pulmonary hypertension. He is an invited speaker on these topics and is one of a handful of leading clinicians in this area. He visits three to four times a year for two days at a time.

Dr Shannon McCarthy

Dr Shannon McCarthy is an Associate Endocrinologist from Barwon Endocrinology, with subsidiaries in Bacchus Marsh and Launceston. She completed her training in Geelong as a research fellow and enjoys being engaged in the physician training program at Barwon Health.  She has recently taken up a role in the clinical trials as an investigator in diabetes and osteoporosis related studies.  She holds special interest in gestational diabetes, osteoporosis, PCOS and women’s health and pituitary and adrenal dysfunction.

Susan Brumby – Physiotherapist

Suzie grew up in Launceston, gaining her Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from UTAS (2010) and her masters of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia (2014).  Suzie has worked as a physiotherapist, at the Launceston General Hospital, for the past 6 years, on medical, surgical and rehabilitation wards.  This has led to a passion for respiratory physiotherapy. The link to her website is:

Claire Robertson – Nutritionist

Claire Robertson in a university qualified nutritionist and food educator.  Growing up in Launceston, she undertook a science degree with UTAS (2000) followed by a Masters of Nutrition with Deakin University (2020).  She has also worked as a lung function technician and then a CPAP consultant with Launceston Respiratory and Sleep Centre. Claire is passionate about helping people make small changes in their diet to improve their health. The link to her website is:

Sam Beattie – Diabetes Educator

Sam has 10 years’ experience in helping people with insulin dependent diabetes, both Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Type 2 Diabetes, LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) and GDM (gestational diabetes).  As a nurse practitioner and credentialled diabetes educator she is able to counsel and manage medication (with the benefit of writing scripts when needed) and ordering pathology tests. The link to her website is: