Respiratory & Sleep Services in Launceston

We offer a broad range of services which includes:

Sleep Studies

At Launceston Respiratory and Sleep Centre we perform ambulatory sleep studies. These studies are set up by our technicians, scored by Australian scorers and reported by our sleep physician. We hope to provide a quality service, ensuring patients complete their at-home study with a report that they have confidence in.

Respiratory Function Testing

We perform several different respiratory tests:

  • Detailed lung functions tests
  • Spirometry
  • FeNO
  • Muscle strength assessments
  • Provocation/mannitol challenges

Our  highly trained lung function technicians are dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal performance, through an approach that best suits your needs.


We have on staff 2 CPAP technicians, Kay and Abbey. They are both highly trained and are often familiar to your from your sleep study set up (aiming for continuity of care).  We provide CPAP trial, CPAP maintenance and downloads. Our aim is that patients feel supported as they initiate CPAP treatment and continue on their CPAP journey.


Susan Brumby assists patients with a variety of lung conditions and causes of breathing difficulties, to maintain and maximise their lung function and exercise tolerance. Her techniques aim to reduce coughing, keep you moving and your lungs clear.  Thus improving your overall breathlessness through a tailored treatment plan.

Diabetes Nurse Educator/Practitioner

Sam Beattie is a Nurse Practitioner and credentialed Diabetes Educator.  Sam works with and independently of Dr Shannon McCarthy (our endocrinologist).  Sam’s aim is to create an individual service to her patients in order to facilitate their successful management of their diabetes. Sam’s focus on helping you succeed is through a variety of strategies, such as educational sessions, hints and tips for lifestyle modifications and healthy eating or the benefits of using technologies in diabetes.


TML have a laboratory and collection service that is active in our rooms several times a week.


Claire Robertson is a qualified nutritionist.  She provides nutritional assessment, advice and support to make changes and work towards your goals.  She can guide you to eat in a way that supports your lung function and general health and wellbeing.


We have AIRVO available for purchase and hire. Our respiratory physiotherapist can assist you with set up and commencement on AIRVO treatment plans.